How to save a Sketchup Pro file to a Sketchup Make file, when you no longer have Pro trial



I downloaded the free trial of Sketchup Pro and saved a few files in the pro formatting, but I went back and saved them to the Make (free) version so that I could open the files again when the trial expired… however I missed a file. So now, I do not have access to Pro, and therefore cannot open the file to save it into the Make format… What do I do? I really need this file.


There is no difference between files created using Pro or Make.




Upload the file to the 3D Warehouse. Then download it,saving as a 2017 version.


Or upload it into the web-based SketchUp Free and download it back. It will come as a v. 2017 file.


As it says, that’s a difference between SketchUp 17 and 18, not between Pro and Make. SketchUp has never released patches to make an old version able to read newer version files. But the 3D Warehouse technique mentioned by others can convert a file version for you.


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