Back convert Sketchup 2018 to 2015


I originally started using Sketchup 2015, most of my files are in that format. Sketchup 2015 came with a 30 day trial and after the trial it reverted to the a free standalone version. Unfortunately, I assumed that 2018 would do the same and I modified and saved a couple of files in the 2018 format. Recently, the 30 day trial lapsed and I can no longer access those 2018 files. I’m really not interested in the free web version of 2018; is there away to convert the few 2018 files back to the 2015 format?

Also, does Sketchup 2017 revert to a free standalone after the trial, or it it also a web version?

Any help would be appreciated



Upload to the warehouse and download as any version you want.
2017 does have Make. 2018 is the first version that is only Pro.


How do I access the warehouse to upload; can you provide a link?



I found it; does that sight require a different sign-in from this one; because it didn’t recognize the same sign-in?


For some reason I had to reset my password; I’m into the site now. If I upload a model will I be able to remove it after?


Yes, upload it, download the version you want, then delete it.


Great, thanks for your help :grinning:


…sorry to be so thick but how do i upload a file i can’t access to warehouse, please?..thanks


Log into the 3D Warehouse in your Internet browser and upload from there.Button at the top right just above your username.


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