Sketch Up pro 2018 to Sketch Up Make 2017

I got Sketch Up Pro 2018 thinking that like Sketch Up Make, I would be able to use the free version after the trial finished. Unfortunately, this did not happen, and Sketch Up Make 2017 never came out. I tried to upload my file on the free online thing, and then put it on the gallery, however the file kept on crashing (because i think it is too big). Can someone please tell me step by step what to do (not including the online way) how to change the file so it can work on Sketch Up Make 2017?

Technically the only non online way would to buy Sketchup Pro 2018.
But you can use a browser to upload any .skp file to the 3d Warehouse and then download from there as an earlier version.
Just signup or login to your 3d warehouse page and use the upload button to select a file on your computer. Once it has been uploaded it will be available for you to download in any version back to 2014. You don’t have to make your uploads public for you to be able to download them.

If you don’t already have Sketchup Make 2017 or earlier on your computer you can download it from Here

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Yeah but once again the file is massive and you cannot upload it through the 3D warehouse

If it is larger than 50mb then you need to find someone who has 2018 to convert it for you.

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Yep mine is 130MB. If I do find someone who has 2018, I can convert it to 2017 no matter what size it is?

Yep, just Save as back to whatever you need.

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simply install on a second system… which has never seen a SUP trial of course.

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