Looking for feedback on IrisVR: one click from SketchUp to Virtual Reality

Hi guys,

I’m a 3D artist and designer at IrisVR. Our vision is to create a suite of products that help edit, share and visualize 3D models in Virtual Reality. Our first product converts SketchUp files into the Oculus Rift with 1-click, and we just released our latest and greatest update: IrisVR 0.1.3 (http://app.irisvr.com). Please sign up if you’re interested; we’re looking for early beta testers.

We have been working hard on improving the app so I am eager to hear your feedback. The product is still in development so your suggestions will influence what features we will support next.

Happy rifting!



Hey Amr,
any news on this? I’m very interested but haven’t heard anything for a while…

Hi Gian, thanks for reaching out. I’m one of the founders of IrisVR. We haven’t had a release in a few months due to some fairly large features we’ve been working on behind the scenes. The true value of IrisVR will be to view any size file in VR instantaneously, but to support files with millions of polygons and large textures we’ve had to take a step back and investigate our mesh pipeline.

Our internal builds are becoming more stable, so stay tuned for a another public beta release soon. We’ll have a revamped GUI, wider file support (OBJ and Revit 2016), and a more robust backend that will allow us to quickly iterate on future features.

Do you have access to Iris 0.2.4?

Hi Shane,
thanks for the quick reply. I have applied for early access a while ago but didn’t get any reply