Setting up a complex walk through for a 3rd party to view; possible?

I have a large model that need to allow people to walk through. This will entail entering rooms, opening doors, climbing staircases, etc. To explore a real building to my design on foot would take about 3 minutes. Can S/U be set up to do this?

SU has camera animation, done with transitions between scene pages. You can change the transitions times between pages, and delay time for pages, at least globally via the standard UI. (ModelInfo > Animation)

There are some plugins that will make camera path animations easier. SMustard has one I believe*.
Basically you draw a series of connected edges on a special layer. And then tell the plugin to create an animation.
Plugins can vary the specific page delay and transition times using the Ruby API.

  • See FlightPath and FlightPath2,… CameraControls, etc.

Also search Trimble Extension Warehouse for “animation” or “flythrough walktrough

Sounds like something that’s beyond me! Are there folk that you could pay to do this stuff?

Sure I suppose. Do you want me to move this topic to the Commercial Work and Collaboration category ?

I’d say try giving some plugins a try if you have time. The better of the two plugins from SMustard is only 7 bucks.

Ping, @RickW should know how, or know someone who can.

Hold on @spogadog; I think you’re making this too difficult. Just create a fly-through tour by creating a series of scenes, each representing a stop on the tour. That is out-of-the-box functionality, and it could hardly be easier. Each scene should frame a view showing whatever you want to show. The resulting animation will fly from scene to scene. It probably won’t feel like a walkthru because you won’t be afoot–you’ll be flying–but come on: flying is cooler than walking any day of the week, and it will allow you to show your people every location and feature you want them to see in whatever order you wish.


True, but adjusting the scene transition times so you don’t have jarring abrupt speed changes during your animation is tedious and time consuming. That is why the plugins exist - to smooth things out quickly. It can also be challenging to get the desired path of motion (ever had a camera move through a wall or two because of SketchUp’s “in-betweening” actions?) - another reason for the plugin.

It’s worth trying out the free version of my FlightPath plugin. If it generally works but you need additional control or options, you could consider the pay version.

True enough, @RickW. The OP seemed to be suffering from option overload, and I just wanted to remind him of the simplest approach. I guess he’ll just have to weigh his expectations against his resources and make a choice.


not exactly what you are looking for but the in the meanwhile free Revizto may already fulfill most of your needs besides interactions with objects.

Thanks. So you just download this for free and then load your SU model into it?

If I understand their site correctly, the viewer to watch their scenes is free, on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. But, the editor that makes those scenes is quite expensive, and is subscription.

SketchUp Skill Builder video: How to install an Extension

How to install an Extension: Tutorial

Hopefully the extension has a description of how to use it.

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Thanks to all you folks who helped me out with this ‘walk through’ thing. I went with Gully’s suggestion with the fly-through ‘thingie’. Results are utterly stunning. Shame I can’t find ANY of your replies; what’s going on here?

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Thanks Dan, all working good now!

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Tried this and, as you say, it did what it says on the tin in epic style. Thanks!
I see what you mean about ‘flying’ vs ‘walking’ but I was able to mitigate this to some extent by keeping the ‘camera?’ close to the ground and incorporating lots of stop-off points (scenes).
I rather hoped that by gradually cracking a door ajar by small increments (in successive scenes) that it might result in it fully opening in the finished animation. Needless to say, it remained resolutely shut! Guess that’s the maths of the programme? Can SU be persuaded to incorporate this kind of motion as part of 'flying through? Or is it time to cough up the dosh for a plugin?
I suppose a plugin that also allows a musical backing track is asking too much?

Revizto is Free!

The Revizto Editor, Viewer and exporter for all supported AEC software products will now be FREE! This means anyone can install and use the Revizto Editor to convert BIM data to Revizto without any limits for number of computers being used. Yes, this means if one has no need for collaboration, Revizto will be free of charge in the new model!

Users of Revizto will only pay when there is a need to share a project through the cloud and use the Revizto Collaboration features such as Issue tracker, Camera sharing. This means one can simply invite a collaborator from their pool of collaborators using the share button from the Revizto Editor.

SU scene animation is not intended to cause models to “move,” but rather to cause the camera to move through the model. As for the model–it’s the same model in every scene; if you open the door a crack in Scene 1, it’s open a crack in all scenes. The scene simply provides a “filter” through which to view the model using some set of display attributes, including point of view, visibility of certain layers, lighting, shadows, etc.

The only way to cause the door to appear to swing open or shut is to superimpose a series of instances of the door component, with each instance shown at a point along the swing arc. By turning the visibility of each door instance on and then off in sequence through a series of scenes (typically using layer visibility), you can create the illusion of motion, like some old-time stop action animation, but at the expense of adding a bunch of extra geometry to the underlying model. The model itself is the same in every scene; however, parts of it are visible in some scenes but not others.


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I’m guessing that component animation is only available in SU Pro? I need to portray a succession of doors opening plus a ‘machine’ breaking/erupting from beneath the ground. Will I need SU Pro in order to achieve this?

If by component animation you mean actually making the model move, that isn’t a native function of SU at all. There are a couple (that I know of) plugins that animate SU models, although I haven’t personally used them. I’m pretty sure they both work with SU Make, although I’m not sure about version compatibility.

I suspect that others will be able to chime in if you need help with them.


At this time, built-in component animation, can only be triggered by the DC Interact tool. (It looks like a browser’s hand cursor clicking a link.) The Dynamic Components functionality is actually an extension, but it is distributed with all editions of SketchUp.

You can code dynamic components in Ruby, but the nifty dialog wizard to create them, is a Pro Only feature.
(They are actually just a component with a special named attribute dictionary, that has specially named attributes and attributes that are formula.)

So a DC door component would have a behavior attribute with a formula like: “onClick(Animate(…))” so that the door swings open when the user clicks it with the DCInteractTool.

Built-in plain-Jane scene animations, cannot stop and “click” DCs.

So for the fancy features, some kind of extension (plugin) that use Ruby to fly the camera, and stop and rotate doors will be needed. Some of these plugins are easier as you draw a flightpath on a specially named layer, and the plugin code moves the camera along the path, rather that you setting up hundreds of scene pages.

Yes, I found out this morning just how tedious it can be attempting to generate a SMOOTH and consistent flight path using scenes! I also note that it is not possible to fully invert the camera; it always r defaults to being the ‘right way up’ as soon as you approach, or pass, the vertical. I discovered this whilst trying to simulate an aerobatic ‘loop’, no chance!

Do I take it from what you say that Dynamic components CAN be accessed in the free (non Pro) version of SU? I need all this stuff simply to ‘pimp up’ a bid for a screenplay. I would stump up for SU Pro, but I’m getting the feeling that ‘sexy’ animations aren’t really its thing?

BTW: does SU Pro allow musical/vocal backing tracks?