Scene animation still clunky in SU Pro 2017

SketchUp Pro 2017 is GREAT! - as was 2016…2015…etc. But every time I create a new animation (which is all I do) I’m still disappointed with the clunky camera movement. Yes, I set my transition delay to zero and I’m very careful to keep transitions distance from scene to scene at approximately equal spacing so that one scene transition doesn’t appear slower or faster than another. This gets tedious as some of my fly-thru’s can be 40+ scenes long. All I really want is an ease-in/ease-out feature from scene to scene. This isn’t something I want just for myself. This would improve video output quality to every SU user on the planet. It would also give a lot of animators reason to use SketchUp as apposed to the incredibly difficult Blender. Trust me, I spent a year learning Blender and would prefer to use SketchUp any and everyday.

Just this one little feature, that’s all I ask. Please, tell me it’s coming soon?

Good request!

Once you have tried using an animation product like Lumion, sketchup’s camera paths & scene transitions will seem very basic and clunky indeed.

Is there an extension to control camera paths a bit better?

As I don’t have SketchUp Pro, therefore no animations, I’ve tried writing a simple ruby script for controlling the camera, and it is easy to do, but there are two issues:

  1. SketchUp ruby API does not include Quaternions - without them it would be difficult to achieve smooth rotations.
  2. The distribution of your ruby script will be a problem - the script cannot be packaged with the model, and your client would need to drop the script into their plugins folder.

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