Sections, scenes and animation

I’m doing animations with sections. One scene has one section and the next does not. When you see the animation, both the section and the position of the camera change. The problem is that the section change is much faster than changing the camera position. I want them to be coincidental. The funny thing is that he had already done several successfully. Suddenly it started to happen. Does anyone have any idea what to do? Thanks in advance.

Manually creating section animations with moving cameras can be a bit tricky. The Animate Sections plugin automates the whole process for you with only a couple of clicks. It’s also synchronized with the transition time of the SketchUp camera. Have you tried that?

I have tried when I had SketchUp Make, but I could not make both changes at the same time: section planes and camera position. With these two changes going simultaneously it is much more impressive. Thanks!

You’re welcome. Also, keep in mind that this plugin doesn’t update the camera position. If you want the camera to move around while the sections work, change your camera position, right click on the second scene and update.

I’ll try that. Thank you.

I have installed the extension Animate Sections, but when I was about to begin, a warning popped up saying that that extension was not good for the version of SU I had (SketchUp Pro 2017). So I stopped.
Can anyone tell me if I can safely use Animate Sections or if it is necessary to wait till the extension is updated?

I’ve been using this plugin for 2-3 years already. I can reassure you it’s safe. Just tested it for SketchUp Make 2017. Works fine.

Thank you very much.

Here I am again.
The Animated Scenes plugin worked fine, but in the same camera position.
The change takes as long as the time of the scene, alright. That is fine. But…
I have 2 scenes and when I update one of them, the other goes to the same camera position.
That is not what I want.
Is there a way of changing the position of one camera and keep the position of the other scene?
The aim is to show two movements at the same time in the animation, with the section change taking as long as the transition time settings.

Yes. That’s the tricky part of the plugin. Like I mentioned above, it’s not updating the camera positions by default. Here’s a short tutorial:

After the plugin creates the 2 scens of section cut animation for you, if you look under each scene’s options, the “Camera Location” is turned off by default.

  1. Turn on the “Camera Location” option for both of the scenes.
  2. Select Scene 1 > set your desired camera position > update the scene
  3. Select Scene 2 > set your desired camera position for that scene > update the scene

Thanks again. Now I got it!
All the best!

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