How to lock view then do plane section animation

i want to do plane section animation but only at a certain locked view , but i know it will be hard the view at exact location and angle everytime after the configure one section. so how to do this?


I think this may help you. With scene tools you can copy the viewpoint from one scene and then paste it to another, that way no matter where you end up with a new scene you can copy the parameters of the preferred scene to another. Otherwise you can set up a number of scenes at the start and modify all but the camera placement in each?

It should be relatively simple…Just create two sections. One at the start of your animation and the other at the end. Then create two layers, one for starting cut and one for the ending cut…place each cut on its layer… Then create two scenes, with starting cut’s layer on and activated…Then the next scene with the ending cut active and layer turned on.

See animation as it may still not be clear to some with just written description:


It is fairly simple to set up multiple SketchUp scenes to all have exactly the same camera properties. Choose one scene to have the “master” camera, say it’s Scene 1. Create other scenes as needed. To apply Scene 1’s camera settings to Scene 2, activate Scene 1 and make sure the viewport shows what you want. Select Scene 2 in the Scenes window (not by activating it, for example don’t click on Scene 2’s tab along the top of the viewport on a Mac). Then click the Update button (two semi-circular arrows) in the Scenes window, and select only the “Camera Location” toggle in the little Update window. Repeat this for the other scenes as needed.

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I recently recorded a Skill Builder video about section animations with Scenes. If you’re still exploring this process, I hope this video helps → Creating Section Animation with Scenes | SketchUp Blog

Regarding your specific question about “locking” the view; I recommend ignoring your camera location until the last step. Once you’ve placed all your section planes and updated your Scenes accordingly, then you can set the camera view you want for all the Scenes simultaneously by Updating each Scene at the same time (by Shift-selecting all Scenes in the list). You can do this by unchecking all of the options except Camera Location in the Properties to update list of items (as TDahl mentioned above). It’s the same process I show at the end of the Skill Builder, but I updated only Style and Fog, instead of Camera Location.

You can also read a little more about this in the “Updating a scene” section of this article: Creating Scenes | SketchUp Help


thank you for the info

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