Multiple Section Cuts and Scenes



I am pretty new to Sketch up still. What I am trying to do is set up a different section cut per scene. But when I am in the new scene and I click back to the previous scene I created I can no longer see the section cut that I created. Is it even possible to go from scene to scene looking through your section cuts? Ultimately what I want is to send the different views to Layout for clients to review. Help please! :slight_smile:


Yes, it is possible and you can have different section cuts for each scene. Would it be possible for you to upload your SKP file so we can see what you’ve got so far. Then we can show you how to fix it.


I tried, but it says it is too large.


Check your private messages.


@cedarpinescarpentry and @DaveR, please make the solution available for others to see and/or understand and reproduce.



The process I suggested involves creating a sort of “Home” scene showing the overall model in a Perspective view. This makes it easy to return to a view of the model without section cuts and with the camera positioned far enough away to prevent clipping.

To create a section elevation, insert a section plane and move it to the desired location.

Turn off the section plane display but leave the section cut showing. Set the Camera to Parallel Projection, choose the appropriate view, in this example, the standard Front view. Zoom in to show the part of the elevation you’re interested in displaying and create a new scene.

Return to the perspective view and repeat. Orbit around if needed to place the next section plane in the desired orientation.

The “Home” scene isn’t strictly required but it does make it easier to set up each view when you have the overall view to start with. It’s worth noting that activating a new section plane turns off existing section cuts and makes the existing section planes visible. Once the new section plane is placed it’s cut is the only one displayed. So you could work from one scene to the next instead of returning to the Home scene. If you’re working in Parallel Projection you do increae the chance of getting the camera positioned to create clipping.


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