Using Section Cuts in SketchUp to create different internal elevations in Layout

Hi, I’m evaluation Pro as I need Layout functionality. I am trying to create different internal elevations in several windows on a page in Layout for example, 4 windows, 4 elevations N, S, E and W.
I can create the windows and export the sketchup model into Layout. But since this these are internal elevations, I want to be able to see parallel projections from different elevations. I can use section planes to set up exactly the right view I need in one window but of course, when I change the section plane to achieve a different elevation in another window, the first window also updates and I lose the view that I had created.
Could you please help me find a way to achive the result that I am looking for?
Thank you.

Create scenes in sketchup, each with separate section cuts, views, decide what is active, hidden, layer is visible, etc, update the scene to keep a record as you require. Then access in layout,

Brilliant! Thank-you so much. May I call upon you again if I have an issue please? You’ve been most helpful.

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