Creating Elevations in SketchUp for Layout

Hi there,
I have two questions.
1- I have made a kitchen plan in SketchUp that I need go take to Layout for technical drawings. This plan does not include interior carcasses, would you recommend I draw this in layout or SketchUp? I am not proficient in SketchUp (I’m a student working on an Assessment), It takes me so long to get anything done in SketchUp.

2-I have created an elevation scene to take into layout for a technical plan, however I don’t know how to remove the black section cut that the section plane has created? I need to section cut, but I don’t want the black block to be visible, just the exterior lines.

I would do all the modeling in SketchUp and create scenes to show the elevations for use in LayOut.

  1. Turn off Section Fill in the style.

Okay thank you, where would I find the section fill? I can’t see it in the styles window?

Under the Edit tab, blue icon.


Also in the Sections toolbar or under the View menu.

I did look there, mine looks different. styles-window

Click on the blue icon in the row below the Select, Edit, and Mix tabs.

Ah got it, thank you!

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