Question about adding multiple section cuts & saved scenes

I have a file that I’ve had to add multiple section cuts that I save as individual scenes so I can use multiple views in Layout (ex. elevations, plan views, and section cuts all for a set of cabinets in one room).

So what is annoying and time-consuming is that when I add a new Section Cut for the next room’s set of cabinets, for example, all of the existing sections show back up. So what happens is all of the scenes I already have saved and placed and formatted in Layout those “invisible” planes from the other sections show up on every single one. So I have to go back through every single previously saved scene, hide those sections cuts, and then update each scene individually. I keep having to do it every single time I add a new section cut.

Please tell me there is a way to add a new section cut without all of the previous ones showing back up. Because with the way I’m doing it, I don’t think I will ever finish with this project!

Thanks in advance.

It sounds to me like you aren’t correctly managing the style for these scenes. If the style is set up sso the section planes are not displayed, they should not be showing up in any of the scenes or the viewports in your LayOut project.

If you share your file it will be easier to help you get it sorted. If you don’t want to make it public, send me the file or a link to it in Dropbox via a private message.