Section Cuts transferring to other scenes!

Can someone please help me on what seems to be an ongoing issue.

I have set up a small project showing an existing area with a new walkway. I have set up scenes from various angles and the last scene I set up was a section. All the scenes now have the section cuts shown and even when setting the scene to NOT show the section cut, AND saving the scene, this is NOT saved. This always happens and it feels like a ‘hit and miss’ type of menu item. … sometime it works, most times it does not.

For me to rectify this is to re-setup all the scenes, then perhaps it will work. It is as if the software does not remmember what aspects have been saved. When I remove the scene with the section cut, no problem. Do I really have to set up another file just for section cuts?

I would appreciate it if someone could give me a simple explanation of how this is supposed to work.


For whatever reason this issue happens you can fix it by updating your all scenes excluding the one with section cut.

First right click Section Plane and disable active cut > Open the Scenes under Default Tray > Select multiple scenes (with ctrl+Leftclick) > Right click one of the selected scenes there and choose Update Scenes > Pick properties to update as needed and hit update

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Thank you for taking the time, but this is what I am doing. The computer and/or software does not remember what to save.

Sorry, i have no further clue.
“Have you tried turning it on and off again?” :upside_down:

Style controls visibility of section cuts.
Style is a saved property of a Scene.

If you want two Scenes:
• One Scene with section cuts visible
• One Scene with section cuts not visible

Then you must create two Styles:
• One Style with section cuts visible
• One Style with section cuts not visible.

It seems you’re creating Scenes without first saving changes made to the Style.

The Style that is saved with a Scene ultimately controls how the model is rendered in that Scene.

However, the way an active model is rendered onscreen is contingent upon two factors…
…the active Style and any temporary unsaved changes one may have made to that Style.

When a Scene is created the only Style properties that are saved are those of the active Style.
Any unsaved changes one has made to the active Style are not saved with the Scene.

• Before creating a Scene, consult the Styles Browser.
If unsaved changes have been made to the active Style you’ll see update arrows superimposed upon the style thumbnail image.

George has it. There was one style in the file. It had section cuts displayed. Creating a new style with section cuts off and using that new style for the scenes that aren’t supposed to show section cuts fixes the problem.

Thank you George and Dave … this makes sense now.

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