Scenes update when I reverse the section plane


I started to model a room, making a section plan to divide my room in 2 (right and left). I created scenes in order to navigate quickly in between the 2 views and create a layout document with those different scenes. But every time I am updating one of those view in SU ( by doing reverse section plan to access the right view ) , the other view get obstructed as if the section plan was not actif anymore. What did I do wrong ? And what should I do the keep my scene the way I want it, with the good camera view and section plan cut ? thanks !!

Are you using SketchUp for Schools, which is the web based version for primary education students? Or SketchUp Pro?

Scenes will show the current state of a section cut so if you reverse the section cut it should show as reversed in any scene where that cut is active. For what you describe you need to use a second setion cut for the opposite view so each scene uses a different section cut.

The section cut direction and scenes is the same sort of thing as moving objects within the model space. If you move a chair in the model space it will show as moved in any scene in which the chair is visible.

Thank you Dave !! that was it
I am using SU pro, but I am a beginner …
Have a great day

Good deal. You’re welcome.

Please correct your forum profile so it shows you are using Pro. It’s misleading as it is.

done !

Thank you.

This seems like a behavior that could be improved. I am having the same issue.
I would like to have one section cut but be able to show scenes looking both ways and have the scene record which side of the section cut it is referring to. Creating another section cut makes things cluttered.
How do I make this a feature request?

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