Create a scene to follow a section cut for layout

Hi All,

I have a house model which i need to work on mostly where the floors are next to each other rather than on top of each other.
( i know this is not the norm but for this project it works best for me).

I am looking to create scenes for use in Layout, the problem is when i move the floors from vertical to horizonal positions it is difficult to get it back to exactly the same position and the the scene in layout is then mis-aligned.

I was wondering if i can created a scene that follows a group, a section cut or something similar so that the the scene follows the object (floor in my case) rather than viewing the exact position of the overall model.

Thanks in advance

I’m not sure I’m understanding but, If you make the entire second floor a component and place a second instance as a scene you don’t need to move them.

Not sure either but could it be you are manipulating the scene in SketchUp for the 2d presentation in LayOut? If so, the answer is you can manipulate the LayOut viewports instead, keeping the SketchUp scene the same as you always do.

You can move the viewport from vertical to horizontal, (or upside down and backwards) more easily.

Sorry if I misunderstand.

Thanks for the reply, the reason i move from position 1 to position 2 is to make modifications , so having a second instance would work. If i understand you correctly.

Actually i get it. The second component would automatically change and that would be the component with the scene against it.

I will try that . Thanks

Hi Box,

That is going to work for me. The simple solution are often the best, can’t believe i didn’t think of that myself .

Big thanks.


Thanks for your reply Box’s solution works well…

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