Smooth, "Feathered" Camera Movement



I would like to be able to use SketchUp for rendering walk-through animations of models. It is vital for my presentations that the camera movement be as accurate and tastefully realistic as possible. Despite the great lens options in the ACT extension, the camera movement and controls do not allow for smooth, “feathered” movement from scene to scene. The abrupt acceleration and deceleration of the camera is jarring.

Increased functionality of the camera controls, specifically a feature that can curve the camera’s velocity during animation, would be amazing and make the Pro version a smart investment for me!


Hi ZPrime. I’m really disappointed to see that you haven’t received a response to your question because this is exactly what I have been looking for too. Did you by any chance find a solution on your own? I am using SU Pro 16 specifically to create tour videos and better, scene to scene camera speed controls would really improve my presentations.

Thanks for asking the question.


I get around this by adding more scenes between and turning off the scene delay. but you have to be very detailed with spacing of these scenes and its very time consuming. Maybe being able to control the seconds between scenes and delay per scene instead of one setting for all might be successful.


CJWhitsett, unfortunately, I have been unable to find a solution via this forum or otherwise. It doesn’t appear that it is a priority for SketchUp developers. We may have to learn Blender!


Thanks ZPrime. I’ll look into Blender.

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@ZPrime, you can use Page::transition_time ( ) to specify unique transition times for each scene.

In the enclosed sample file, Sample Scene Transition.skp (104.2 KB), following script was used to specify the transition time and the model was resaved.


Load this model in SketchUp, select View>Animation>Play, and enjoy the variable scene transitions!


Ideally, the camera movement values – not just position and view angle, but any values being changes from scene to scene – would have a simple spline applied to them.

Merely feathered or ease-in-ease-out of the timing will still look unnatural.