Request the ability to have different lengths of time between scene transitions and delays

When creating animations, users are restricted to having a uniform length of time between transitioning from one scene to the next. The same is true for the delay between each scene. There may be other users who would like to have the capability to introduce variable delays and transition times in their SketchUp animations where transition duration might start at 3 seconds and gradually decrease in subsequent scenes to say a half second or the delay between scenes may begin at 1 sec and eventually stretch to 5, for example. This may favorably impact the dramatic effects that could be produced in model animations.

This capability may be present in an extension already, although I am not aware of this, but I think having this feature available as part of SU’s native tool set would be a desirable modification.

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It is doable in some of the animation and walkthrough extensions.

It is just not in the native scene manager. I’d vote to add both fields in the native scene manager.

With script no. 6 you can enter the transition time for each scene transition independently:

PageUtilities was the first script to do that. It can be obtained separately or within PresentationBundle2.

Hey @Cotty,

Thanks for the info.

Hi @catamountain,

Apparently, there are a number of addons that offer this ability. Had I not been ignorant of that, my feature request would not have been submitted.

Yeah, there are a lot of plugins now. It’s hard to keep track of them all.

A combination of different SketchUp sages is the best index to find an adequate plugin for a given problem :wink:

… but still, it would not hurt for the Pro edition to have expanded inspector and manager panels.

So, my vote is still +1.