Rendering animation > scene transition for selected scenes?

Morning all,

At present I set up my scenes, set the transition time (e.g. 4 seconds), and then select Vray to render the animation.

Is there any way I can have a scene transition of 4 seconds on on scene 1,2,3,4 but jump to 5 without a transition from 4 to 5? Ideally then from 5 to 6 there will be a 4 second transition?

If not, are there any extensions that could help with this?

I have tried the Animator extension, however this seems to crash a fair bit, and currently is limited to CPU only. Therefore renders take too long to justify using it at present. Whilst I do love it’s functionality, I need to be turning work around a lot quicker.

Any advice on extensions for animation would be great, as I feel this is a slightly weak point of Sketchup / vray at present.

Thoughts welcome.