Animation sketchup pro and vray. Question!

Hello there,
For our assignment we need to make a animation of our model. Because I purchased vray some weeks ago it seemed like a great opportunity to try, making a rendered animation.

The only thing is that when try making the animation, it kosts a Lott of time. First I make my scenes in sketchup then I sett the time to 6 seconds per scene and the delay between them to 0. After that I use vray to render it with “animation” checked. The results are hundreds of png’s which I then need to sequence in Adobe Premiere.

My question is: isn’t there a faster way to do this? And is it normal for a ‘heavy’ model to take 7 hours for 3 scenes (from a total of 15 scenes) ?
If you have some tips, that would be great. I’m not even rendering it on very high quality, so I’m quite amazed by the time it consumed.

Specs of my pc:
I7 7700hq
Nvidia 1080

You likely will get more replies over in the Chaos Group forums as this is about the time taken by VRay to render frames …

Yes there is a faster way but not in VRAY. And yes that seems normal. You could drop the number of frames per second (FPS) you’re exporting…or reduce the render output size, or change the render quality, all of which would speed things up but is a trade off in quality.

You could look into different plugin like Enscape that allows you to export straight to video with no need to sequence of frames after. Enscape is another trade off though as you’ll never get the level of control or quality that VRAY has to offer.

It’s speed vs quality for now. Hope that helps.

15 scenes = 14 transitions, 6 seconds each, frame rate 25 will give : 14*6*25= 2100 renders
3 scenes = I/5 = 420 renders
Is one per minute… pretty fast!

Yes for a CPU based render engine that is normal. If you want to go quicker you will need to look at GPU based (or capable) engines for the most part.