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I’ve been using SketchUp for quite some time but recently became interested in knowing more about the Animation feature. More specifically, Animating with Vray. I’ve become used to SketchUp that I feel like a noob again trying to learn something about the Animation feature haha. I’ll be providing links of what I’m talking about in case you want to know see precisely what I’m talking about. Please read the entire thing (though it might be a bit lengthy and I apologize about that!)

In short: I’m trying to find a way to make every frame of my animation as a scene. (Why? Read below)

First off, I already tried the Animation feature and I’ve already made 2 test animations of the same model. I’ve noticed though that the quality is dropping instantly and I’m not sure if it is because of vray or because of SketchUp. Though I’m not willing to look too deep into the situation, I do have a potential solution I just don’t know if such a thing exists. Don’t worry, this isn’t a question that is supposed to be for the vray forum! I want to find a way to create an Animation in SketchUp but be able to see every single frame one by one so that I can render every image manually (if that makes sense). Like after I create the Animation is there a way to view every single frame? The reason why I want to do so is because I’ve noticed that when I use vray normally and just render one image, the quality is really good. However, when I used vray to render the animation, the image quality (with the same settings) for some reason was different and quite terrible. In the two tests linked below you can notice that in the long video, on one of the top left corners there is a weird shadow glitch thing. The same can be seen in the second 3 second video at the end on the wall on the right side. However when rendering the same model with the same settings none of those appear. So, I thought my only solution would be to literally render every single frame as if I were to render the model as usual (multiply that by 30 for one second of animation! haha) I know, tedious and impractical, but I am not in a hurry.

I’ve seen a video once where one guy creates a vray animation and he was able to view every frame as a scene, but:

  1. I forgot which video that was and now I cannot find it.
    2)I remember the video was really fast and you can’t understand what he did. (though you can slow the video down but still)
    3)I believe he used an extension in order to do so and I don’t know what the name is
    4)He used it because there are moving objects in his animation (where as everything in my model should stay stationary)

So yeah, that’s pretty much it. My next desperate try would be to try to recreate every single frame and pray the ‘animation’ doesn’t turn out to be choppy. That’s why I’m hoping to find a way to make the animation have every frame as a scene.

Here is one example to show you there are no weird shadow glitch in corners or the wall when rendering one single image:

Here are two links to videos on youtube (unlisted) that show you what I’m talking about when I say weird glitch in corners and walls:

(PS Yes the settings changed between both videos but I meant that the settings are the same when I render the image) If you’ve ever experienced a similar problem, then please let me know what the solution is! I think it has to do with the light cache file. Otherwise I wouldn’t mind doing everything manually as long as I can view every frame as a scene. I couldn’t find the video where the guy shows his own vray for sketchup animation in sketchup.

Sorry for the long post, thanks a LOT in advance whether or not you’re still reading this!

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