VRAY & Sketchup - Shaking animation

Hi :grinning: ,

i try to render an animation with VRAY and it’s working quite well but the video is shaking a lot. (I tried with VRAY 3.40.04 and 3.60.02)

I tried different ways to remove it and it seems that going with primary rays and secondary rays to “brute force” limite quite a bit the shaking issues but still it stays.

So do u have any idea why it’s making that ? Have u been able one time to make an animation without shaking issue ? (Maybe it’s the SU animation camera that is the problem) And if yes, how are you doing it ?

Thank you in advance if you can help me :grinning:

As far as i know this happens in the cracked version of Vray. Everything is fine on the licensed one.

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