Scene Transitions


Is there a way to set different transitions times between scene?






I want to be able to set a local value and not a global value for the whole of the model.

Can you set local transitions scene times between scenes?


I don’t think so, but you can double your scenes if you want it longer at a certain location. Or after export, modify the timing with a video editor


There is an old but functional plugin by MorisDov that will allow you to set individual transition times.

It is a feature of the ProperAnimation extension or you can get it as a standalone extension called “scenes_transition_times.rb”

Be aware that this will only work when manually selecting the scenes. If you are wanting to create an animation, the extensions will not work as the ruby extensions are not initiated when exporting animations. You will want to use a screen capture program like Camtasia to create the animation

I hope this helps



Thanks for the infromation

#7 might also be of use for a few $