Default Animation Settings

When I create scenes the default setting for animations is “enable scene transitions > transitions time 2 seconds”

I am not trying to entertain myself. I want to see the actual scens. It takes me 5 selections or clicks to deactivate this animation setting.

Is there a way to make the default setting have “enable scene transitions” be null?

Make a blank file with the scene transition settings the way you like them and save as template. Then open that templet to make any new models in the future. Your template can be customized in many other ways too.


Thanks EndlessFix.
That did not occur to me.

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A thing to consider: Any settings you can make in Model Info can be saved as part of your custom template along with Style settings.

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:+1: it’s a great practice once you get into it. My template has many standard scenes already built into it as well.

I only draw kitchens my cabinet shop produces.
Now that you mention this I could see the benefit of proactively labeling layers.

Wall North
Wall South
Wall East
Wall West

Base North
Base South
Base East
Base West

Uppers North
Uppers South
Uppers East
Uppers West

What do you mean by having already having “standard scenes” built into a template?

saved scenes with the style and view that you want.

Even if the view must be changed for new project the many scene settings that you would normally use are already set.

I have done this sometimes for building exterior elevations. I already have the main scenes referenced in a LayOut file as well. It often takes some adjustments for new projects but once the LayOut file is linked to the new drawing, I have less redundant setup chores, than doing it all from scratch each time.

Check out this thread.

I had a similar request a while back so John kindly wrote this script. I now have that action as a keystroke so I can easily toggle transitions on and off.

Scene properties are extensive; style, camera position, projection, and lots more, certainly worth exploring. There are already some good suggestions above. One example is I have a quick template that has a few scenes, a “working” scene with the style showing me a bright color backside, and the lines and background in my preferred colors for modeling as well as the camera set to perspective and a FOV that I favor. But that same template also has scenes for the standard ortho views top front back left and right, all with the camera set to parallel projection and style for those scenes is set to an untextured line drawing. So it’s easy to work on my model and quickly jump into a scene that gives me more of a con doc way if viewing things. Couple those preset scenes with a layout template which includes the same scenes already tied to preset viewports and it can really start to save some time.

My templates also have a ton of components I regularly use. I placed them once then deleted before saving as a template (don’t purge model as this will erase them). Then a new opening document is blank but the component window “in model” is populated with things I often need which are a snap to place.