How to save "Transition" setting in template



First time posting. Coming back to learning Sketchup after some years.
I have a Template, and each time I open it, I have to go back and change the Animation settings so there is no “swoop” animation between scenes.

How can I make it so that I never (ever-ever :slight_smile:) have that animation?



Disable the transitions in a blank file and then use File>Save as template to create a new one.

Or you can make the adjustment, save the blank file and then replace it manually in the user templates folder. Just make sure you use the same name.


Thx, will do that!


Maybe there are other things you want to change as well. Might as well do them at the same time. As I tell my students, you need to pee in all the corners. :smiley:


Copy that. Peeing away…

Have another question I’ve been trying to figure out (amongst the zillions of others) - I’ll ask on another thread


How do you accomplish “no swoop”, by changing transition settings ?




… yeah, HOW ?


Oh, sorry -

Menus up top…View>Animation>Settings>Uncheck “Enable Scene Transitions”

Sorry, was confused b/c I thought you were on of the moderators or something


This is what I thought. In the first post you said “change”. (I wanted you to be specific.)

You are actually having no transitions, which causes a choppy instant jump from scene to scene.

I think you’d get better results using some of the animation extensions. They can move the camera and adjust it’s target point to remove the “swooping” which is actually a zoom as the camera gets a bit closer to the model.
Also the extensions can help you move the camera target point closer to what you want to orbit. (The native scene-to-scene animation interpolates the camera position and target points along straight lines between those of scene1 and scene2.)


Ah, gotcha, thanks. Yes, “swoop” was the wrong word. I just basically wanted to switch between scenes with no animation.



I prefer to have no animation between scenes when I am working on the model. I don’t want to wait for the transitions. If I was going to export an animation or maybe sit down with someone to look at the model, I might turn on the scene transitions so that the changes aren’t so abrupt.


I agree, at first I thought the transitions were so cool, I quickly became tiresome of waiting for the camera to position. I have it disabled now.


… and I also. Mainly because I use scenes for purposes other than animation, in my “work” template.

If I wanted to do an animation, I’m sure I’d import the model into a different template (than my “Work” template) with no pre-set scenes, and then set up the animation.


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