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We are an architecture firm that uses the “Pro” version of Sketchup for our basic modeling and rendering needs. Sketchup and it’s basic plugins usually do a pretty good job of serving our needs.

However, one function (which I believe is a relatively simple/small addition) we would like to see in the future, is the ability to change “scene transition” and “scene delay” for each scene specifically in the scene manager, instead of just a global setting like it is now.

Basically, we want to be able to use Sketchup’s scene and animation features to more precise control, when creating walkarounds or fly-through for client presentations.

I know there are more in-depth animation plugins that may have more precise camera control such as this, but we reallly dont want to pay/download another plugin just a a simple feature like this. Sketchup’s built-in scene and animation settings already get most of the job done - we just would like a little bit more control/specificity in the future versions.

Thanks for reading!

–Aaron Mick

DRA Architects


I’ve found a couple other posts asking the same question that you are and so far I’m really disappointed to see that no one has responded to your question. Did you by any chance figure out a solution on your own? I’m creating fly-thru tour videos and it would really improve my presentations to have better transition controls.

Please reply here is you can offer any suggestions that you’ve worked out on your own.


Hi @CJWhitsett

This may be what you’re looking for…

A plugin controlling animation scene transition times by MorisDov (Moris Papasmadov)
Here’s the link to his website for the plugin: scenes_transition_times.rb by morisdov

Thanks George. This is definitely a step in the right direction. I’ll do some homework now and hopefully have a great solution.


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Hey George,

I’m looking at content on Moris Dov’s web site and it’s all pretty old. Like nothing newer than 2012 and it appears to be for SU6. I was hoping to find “Proper Animation” in the SU Extension Warehouse but it’s not there. I’m concerned that this may not work in SU16 Pro. Any thoughts?
Any idea why it doesn’t appear in the Extension Warehouse and how this compares to Keyframe Animation by Regular Polygon?

I’m also not able to find an email address for Moris. Any idea how I can contact him?

Thanks for your help with this
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Hi Clint,

Have you tried installing and using the extension? There is a possibility that older extensions may work with newer software. Unfortunately, some developers develop for a while, then move onto other things and stop updating their work. Such is life.

Also, I would recommend removing your personal info from your posts. Our forum guidelines ask that you do not have signatures, and there is no way to prevent someone using your contact info for for something unsavory!

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Join the SketchUcation Community Forum and you can send him a private message.

After you’re signed in, here’s a link to his profile …

Thanks George, I’ll give that a try.

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Does it works yet?
I clicked on the link but the page does not seem to exist anymore … :anguished: