Camera path animation advice

Hi, i’m fairly new to Sketchup and im trying to find a simple reliable camera animation extension but im really struggling. Any help will be greatly received. SU Pro 2016 - Windows 7

What are you looking to accomplish with “camera animation”? I want to make sure I understand what you’re after.

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I’ve modelled a 5 km stretch of highway and i want to produce a smooth ‘Fly-through’ animation. I’ve used sketchup scenes but found it laborious and too twitchy, ive also used Twilight V2 which works brilliantly until i make the scenes and then the camera path runs along some other imaginary path!

Yeah, I’ve had trouble with animating using scenes on large scale models too. I’ve gotten a lot better at anticipating the way sketchup chooses to fly from scene to scene to get what I want, but on a bigger model, somewhere around .5 mile or so I find that it’s hard to control. Strange that V-ray would not obey the camera path. In SKup are you working with the scenes tab open? It allows a lot more options for controlling output. sorry I don’t have a magic bullet. Good luck.

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Thanks. Yes i do have the scenes tab open in my default tray. I’ll crash on trying to find a balance.

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