Is it possible to animate from a scene to another scene along a linear path instead of a curve?

When animating from scene to scene, it seems as though the animation follows a curved path so, for example, if I have a model of a house with one scene inside a room and another scene as the reverse shot in the same room, the animation from scene to scene will circle around through the walls and outside the house before going back through the walls to the other side of the room.

My preference would be have the animation go directly (along a linear path) from one scene to the next to avoid going through walls unnecessarily. (Well, the ideal would be to actually draw a path that the animation would follow, but I think a linear path would work well in most cases.)

Is there a way to do that in SketchUp?

The camera path is somewhat impossible to control. I tried to recreate your example by placing the camera inside a room facing one wall, creating a scene, using the Look Around tool to turn the camera in the opposite direction and creating another scene. In animation, the camera stayed within the room, but rotated vertically, not horizontally as expected. Creating more intermediate scenes would perhaps help.


Doing any kind of controlled animation requires either scripting or an extension.

Smustard has both a free and pro “Fly along Path” extension. There are other animation extensions also in the Extension Warehouse and SketchUcation Plugin Store.

@Anssi and @DanRathbun, thanks for the help!