ACT cameras keep appearing for animations

dear friends,

my name is stan, i’m an artist, i’m new to sketchup and i work with nothing but imported .png images (no models). my question is simple. i cannot get ACT cameras to stay hidden when i want to create an animation. this is no problem so long as camera A is out of shot of camera B. but if i want to zoom in from camera B towards the region of camera A’s placement, camera A always appears - annoyingly. ‘hide/show all cameras’ simply does not work for me. what am i doing wrong? can you help please.



To me, it seems you don’t need to fiddle with the ACT extension to achieve what you want.
Simply use Scenes and SketchUp’s native Camera Controls.
Also note when you right click on an entity there’s the Context Menu command Zoom Selection.

See these Help articles:

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dear Geo,

many thanks for replying and giving all this good info. i am learning the truth of what you say as i go along.

on a slightly different issue, i would like to be able to make an animation directly from the walk through tool, and tried to contact one of the SketchUp staff who made such a programme, however i haven’t heard back. do you happen to know of any other way to do this (i find it difficult to make transitions between scenes as smooth as i’d like.)

don’t worry if you don’t know.

best wishes


Hi Stan,
Have a look at the free and paid versions of the FlightPath extension by Rick Wilson

FlightPath v.1.000 by Rick

FlightPath2 v.2.100 by Rick

Dear Geo,

many thanks - am excited to give these a try.

here’s a little something i made earlier… - YouTube

hope you enjoy it!