Make Unique Problems

I’m having trouble making a part of a component a unique entity. I have a component that contains 2 entities. I’ve selected the one I’m interested in within the component and copied and pasted it; but when I try to select Make Unique while it’s still selected after pasting, the Make Unique option is greyed out.

You need to attach the model for us to see what you are doing.
It sounds like you are selecting something that isn’t a component and copy/pasting that then attempting to make the original single component unique, which won’t work. But even that doesn’t make sense from your description.

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OK, but first I will need to know how to attach the file of my model. I know I’ve done that in other posts, but I don’t find an icon in the row above that I recognize as the means to do so.
Saw Tote Components.skp (425.5 KB)

Just drag and drop the .skp file into your reply.

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Which component are you trying to make unique?

You’ve got overlapping geometry in the near thing here. It’s all loose geometry, too.

I’m really puzzled as to why you are modeling the way you are. For example, here I’ve copied "inner tray component up to separate it from the rest of the model. Inside that component you have “short rack 1”, “short rack 2” and “short rack 2#1” and some loose geometry. Lower right in this screen shot.

“short rack 2#1” was made unique from “short rack 2”. The loose geometry was either copied out of one of those components or the component was copied and then exploded.

The sides of your box are not individual components as they should be. Instead they are two masses of loose geometry in a single component.

I started over on your saw tote to give you an idea of how the components ought to be. I haven’t done this small parts yet but notice that the sides are individual instances of the component, not one component containing the geometry for the two parts The cleats supporting the tray are separate from the sides, too.

Saw Tote Components.skp (394.0 KB)

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Hi Dave. Thanks for the response.

I can not explain how I got there. I think I was working on it too late at night not to say that thinking clearly has never been a long suit with me.

The shorter racks are for short saws such as gents, back and tenon saws that will be placed from each end. The slots are supposed to be the same so that slots align in case I find a longer one that needs support at 3 points.

I gave up when I couldn’t make them unique thus my post.

Here is my completed model. I basically started fresh and drew the components from scratch.

Saw Tote Components.skp (460.3 KB)

I would still like to know how to take an entity from a component and copy it without the copy remaining a part of the component from which it was copied.

By entity are you talking about geometry? If that’s it you can open the component for editing, select the geometry, and then use Edit>Copy or Ctrl+C to copy it., exit component edit mode and then paste it. Alternatively you could make a copy of the component, make that copy unique and edit it to make it different. Just don’t do what you were doing yesterday opening the component and copying the geometry inside the component.

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Thanks, Dave!

Yes, I guess I am referring to geometry as an entity. I’m talking about a drawing or part of a drawing such as the saw rests in the model submitted above.

I’ll follow your instructions and practice making the copy and paste replicas.

Don’t discount Move/Copy of a component and Make Unique. That might be easier.