Can't Push/Pull unique component

Hi, I am having trouble with the following.
I have several instances of a component in my model. (Its a shed foundation and floor and the component is just a rectangular block representing a piece of 2x6 lumber.)
I want to change the length of one of these blocks. I made it a unique component and then selected edit component but it will not let me push/pull a face. If I select edit component again it will push/pull but not uniquely. It modifies the other instances too. How can I get it to push/pull on just the unique component? Thanks.

Can you share the SKP file so we can see what you’ve got going on?

If you want to modify just one component, right click on it before opening it for editing and choose Make Unique. Then proceed to edit it.

Sorry, I am new here and don’t yet know how to share the SKP file. I and doing what you say and I can do every kind of edit except push/pull of an existing face. I can for instance draw new rectangle on one face and push/pull it. But when I try to just pull a face that already exists on the component it won’t let me do it. If I right click and select edit component twice it will push/pull but it is no longer done uniquely. It affects the other instances of the component too despite the fact that the component is unique.

Click on the 7th button from the left in the row above the message window. Then attach your file.

You have a nested component and you have only made the outside one unique. Either remove the nesting or rather than open for edit twice, choose Make Unique the second time and then open for edit it.

It sounds to me like you have an unnecessary extra level of nesting. That’s why you have to open for edit twice: once to get inside the outer wrapper and again to get inside the actual component. You’ve made an instance of the outer wrapper unique but the inner component is still shared. The outer wrapper is not needed.

Box beat me there with the same answer!

Yes, thanks so much. That worked. Now I just need to understand why I am unintentionally making unnecessary levels of nesting.