Paint Bucket Question

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Why are you using the Shift key to move the Paint Bucket?

Read the key down at the bottom left of the SketchUp window when you have the Paint Bucket tool selected. Holding Shift is supposed to paint all matching with the same material.

It would be a good idea to go through the instructional materials at

Don’t you use the shift key to move your point of view? I do I thought everyone had to.

Shift with Center Mouse Button is Pan but then you wouldn’t have the Paint Bucket tool while panning.

Maybe you should take some of instruction videos

There are lots of instructional videos out there. Start with the link I provided. Also look at the SketchUp You Tube channel and the Help articles at

Ya that’s the problem I do

What’s the problem you do?

Here. I have the Paint Bucket tool but when I press the Center Mouse Button and Shift, the cursor shows the switch to the Pan tool and I can pan the camera around the model space. It doesn’t return to the Paint Bucket until I let go of the buttons.

This applies to any other tool, too. If you have the Push/Pull tool or the Rectangle tool or whatever, holding the center mouse button will switch to Orbit and holding Shift with the center mouse button switches to Pan.