Paint Bucket Tool Glitch

So one thing that I found pretty annoying about the new SU2017 release, and I didn’t immediately find this out, but every time I use the Paint Bucket tool and then switch to another tool, (orbit, select, erase, etc), it automatically switches back to the paint tool, so what would happen was when I’d select something it would paint it instead, replacing the pointer with the bucket. Is it an automatic setting or is it a glitch in the program?

How are you accessing Orbit, Pan, and Zoom? The intent is that you continue with the tool you were using before changing the camera position or zoom. That’s not a glitch.

it’s neither on my mac, so it is most likely to be a ‘local’ issue to your setup…

how are you changing tools, what type of mouse, etc…


I use the keyboard controls (O for orbit, Space Bar for Select, E for Erase, etc.) I haven’t clicked on tools in the toolbar when using SketchUp, because it is more efficient clicking on a single keyboard key and then editing the model. I do have a bluetooth trackpad that I am using. The reason I bring this up now, because on my other Mac (MacBook Air) , I thought it was a local error, but it is doing this on my other MacBook (2008 Model), too. Though, I did copy my Application Support to save the plugins that I had. What could cause such a thing as my problem to occur?

How would that be helpful if I WANT not to continue using the tool? Is there somewhere I can turn that off? As I said to John, I use the keyboard to access the tools.

Even using keyboard shortcuts to access Zoom, Orbit, and Pan is inefficient. It would be most efficient to navigate in the model space with the center mouse wheel/button which is the way SketchUp was designed. Press down on the center mouse wheel to orbit, release and go back to what you were doing. Press the center mouse button and SHift to pan a little. When you quit panning, let go of the buttons and go back to painting materials of drawing a line.

There’s no way to turn that off.

Well, that would be my method if I could get my hands on a mouse, or if someone else wasn’t using it. I know how the controls work, all of them. The paint bucket tool is the only one with problems. Efficiency is besides the point. No, it isn’t I hold the key, then when I let go, it switches back, it’s I am done using the paint tool, then I use the erase, or any tool, and it switches back to the Paint Bucket automatically. I will even try and activate the different tool several times, and it continues to automatically switch back. The reason, and let me know if I’m wrong, that I am restating this, is I don’t think you understood my original question.

in Preferences >> Drawing >> Miscellaneous is Auto-activate paint tool checked or not?

does changing that setting make a difference…


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