Automatically changing tool!?



I have a big issue of my sketchUp make. For example, after i used any tools, it will automatically change back to circle tool!!!??? That is so annoying. Does any know how to fix it. I want to stuck with same tool i choosed last time. It will be save my life! T_T:joy:


Are you pressing the “c” key?


No, i don’t


like , i press "H " for pan tool but after i dragged. It changed back to circle tool. :fearful:


I’ve never heard of such a problem, but you should use the middle mouse button for orbiting in your workflow (and change “h” to “show hidden geometry” e.g.).


The orbit and pan tools are “interrupters”, by which I mean that another active tool is suspended when you select them and then reactivated when you cancel , either by pressing esc or by releasing the middle mouse button. Is that what you mean? That behavior is deliberate to let you reorient the model if needed while you draw.


issue was fixed!