Changing sides/segments etc. when hotkey is used to select a tool. (V 23.1.315)

Not a bug really, but it is annoying.
When I use hotkeys (for me its “c”) to select the circle tool (i expect this can be true for other tools as well) the “sides” parameter box already has “c” in it. Anything that starts with a “c” is not a valid input into this box, so there is no reason for it to be there. so if I want to quickly change the number of sides i want my new circle to be I would first have to press backspace to delete the “c”. Not a huge issue, but it is unnecessary and very annoying, and should be an easy fix.
The problem started when I updated to the newest version of SketchUp (23.1.315)

That is an issue we know about. It’s SU-54398 in our system. I know that there is an internal fix for the problem, but I can’t tell you when the fix will appear in an update.