SketchUp shortcuts since last update

Hi. Since last night update my shortcuts for camera/standard views/ are not working. I can not assign them to ctrl + arrow keys or alt + arrow keys. As soon I hit control some red plus sign appears next to my cursor. Please advise.

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Did you get the later update from last week? That fixed a number of shortcuts issues.

You can get the latest version from this page:

Yes. Right after I installed it my shortcuts stopped working. I just reinstalled it and the problem still occurs.
Can you check if you can assign lets say Left control + left arrow for Camera/Stanadard Views/Left?
Thank you!

Another issue I’m having is using shortcut for Circle. I press C key and would like to enter numbers of segments using numeric keyboard and the letter c is already displayed in the right bottom corner. I have to hit backspace and delete c letter before entering number of segments.

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This is a separate but known issue.

The C and other keys appearing is a known issue. I need to check into whether Ctrl-key shortcuts are broken too.

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I did try Ctrl and Alt arrow shortcuts, and it didn’t work, but does in 2022.

I will let colleagues know.


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