Crazy-Making pop up box


I’ve been having this problem for the past few versions of Sketchup, but it really got me irritated during a recent glut of drawing. SOMETIMES, but not always, when I release the left mouse button after moving around in the model during a process (like dimensioning), I get a pop up box with 8 basic command options. To get out of it, I’ve had to hit ESC, which puts me back to ORBIT and I have to rekey the command I was using. What is going on and how can I avoid it?


How about at least a screen shot of the pop up window?

Sounds like an extension playing up. What extensions do you have installed?


Are you using a mouse with third party software? Something like 3Dconnexion’s CAD Mouse or something from Logitech? I know that there are devices out there that will display programable on-screen UI… But nothing like that should be coming out of SketchUp.


None, it is a fresh install of 2017.
I will post a screen shot next time I have it happen.
I suspect it is a very simple convenience menu I am accidentally triggering.


Is it this one?
You get this by right clicking when you have the middle button pressed. It is easy to do b accident.


No, my mouse is a garden variety HP with 2 buttons and a scroll wheel.
I’ve wondered whether I might be pressing the wheel down to orbit and accidentally hitting the left button, but I can’t make it happen on purpose doing that.
Yes, That is the one- and don’t I feel foolish for it being that simple. Thank you for taking the question seriously and giving me a resolution!


The scroll wheel doubles as a middle button. Press down on it. By default, it temporarily overrides whatever tool you are using with the Orbit tool while pressed.

That menu also appears if the Orbit tool is active and right mouse button is pressed - it’s the Orbit tool’s context menu.