Glitch when switching between Paintbucket and Orbit

Hiya, please could someone look into the glitch when switching between the Fill and Rotate tool within the free version of Sketchup? I have numerous short cuts set up so use the keyboard to switch between tools. However when switching between the Fill tool and the Rotate tool it changes, the mouse icon changes and sometimes even starts to rotate the drawing, then switches straight back usually causing me to inadvertently fill a random section of the drawing I’m working on.
It happens 7 times out of 10 so isn’t a case of me hitting the wrong key. It often happens when I press the short cut key on my keyboard several times in a row. Doesn’t happen the other way though. Not sure if my choice of short cut keys makes any difference, don’t see why it would. My Fill short cut is ‘F’ and rotate shortcut is ‘B’.

Many thanks.

With Fill, do you mean the paint bucket?
If so, did you removed the standard short cut (B)

Yes thats correct. I changed it to ‘F’ and I assigned ‘B’ to the Rotate tool. I have reassigned most of the shortcuts and this is the only one that does this, so it isn’t because I have changed it.

why are you pressing several times in a row ? Weary keyboard ? this could be hardware related…

Sorry I didn’t make myself clear. I press the short cut key ‘B’ to switch to Orbit mode, and it changes for a second, then changes back to the Paint tool, I can press ‘B’ two or three times in a row and the same thing happens, until stays on the selected Orbit tool.

This isn’t a hardware issue.

Have you considered using the defaults, o for orbit, b for bucket and f for follow me.

Yeah, you could be right, there is something going on with the shortcut for Orbit tool. @box it doesn’t matter if you use the standard shortcut or another. I think it has something to do with the mouse- settings, e.g. when I change them, it has an effect on the ‘delay’…
Because most people use SketchUp with a two-button Mouse with scroll wheel this behavior wouldn.t be noticed ? @DanRathbun Do you know of this issue ?

Thats the default for oFFset, not FollowMe. For FollowMe you have to select your own shortcut.

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My mistake. On phone and not thinking it through correctly.

i use F for FollowMe and O for Offset, and § for Orbit although I generally use a mouse for it…

I don’t see any delay on El Capitan SUv17…


may be caused by having ‘Auto Select Paint Tool’ enabled as the two are linked to ‘B’…


I have been using my setup for years, so to change them all would be a pain as it is auto pilot now. No other shortcut option does this. Interesting that someone else has a slight issue with it too @MikeWayzovski , so perhaps it is a glitch and not a stand alone issue.

I detect some of your described behavior on a windows machine and the mouse settings have an effect on the time of delay. @john_drivenupthewall I tested quick on Mac but it doesn’t appear there. (MacOs Sierra 10.12.5)

Btw : just using standard shortcuts here
Could also be related to windows 's creator update:(

To me the standard shortcuts don’t make a lot of sense, I have everything I use on a regular basis set to be used by my left hand, q-t, a-g & z-n, with the most common ones being centred around s,d,f,e,r,t,v,b. I don’t think anything is on an original shortcut option, yet this is the only one that wont switch everytime. I change tools often, mostly switching from Tape Measure, Draw, Orbit, Erase and FollowMe. Once I have completed a drawing or a section, I then use Paintbucket to do that, switching between orbit and Paint to move the image around to get to all the bits, this is when the issue appears.

Btw, Mac running Sierra 10.12.5.

In your first descriptions you kept referring to the Rotate tool, but the subject and your later messages said Orbit tool.

Assuming you mean Orbit, I do see something on Mac where toggling between the two tools can give either a brief flash of the arrow cursor half way between the change, or it can complete the change and then go on to be an arrow cursor, until you move it, then the right cursor appears.

It could be related to the system doing something important that demanded an arrow cursor. The same could happen on Windows, which even on a kiosk setup where the cursor is told to hide, it will show the arrow cursor during file access.

Seems I am the one who is confusing some things here:
Original topic was fill and rotate but I changed it at paintbucket and Orbit , because I was experiencing the flaw with the Orbtit tool-paintbucket on Windows.
I then checked on a mac and I did not experienced this.
If time I will investigate further.
@Newfish with your system , do you mean the rotate tool for rotating ‘objects’ or Orbit for navigating?

Never heard of it exactly. (Since he’s trying to use the B for Orbit, perhaps somewhere in the code is still a hardset for Bucket tool ?)

I’d not switch to the Orbit tool myself, I’d just use the middle mouse button which is always Orbit (in interrupt mode,) then let up allowing the current tool (PaintBucket) to resume. This saves your left hand keywork, as well.

3 button mouse ?

Apologies. I mean the Orbit tool, for rotating the 3D image, and the Paint Bucket tool.

I’m using the magic mouse so has left and right click and scroll.

I do everything using using the trackpad on my MacBook Pro. There’s a great system setting where you can make three fingers act like you are holding down the left mouse button. It’s a comfortable way to work.

For the Orbit and Pan tool I just hold down Control and Command to orbit, or Control Command and Shift to pan. I can do that while using the paint bucket, and when I release the keys I’m back on the paint bucket (or whatever tool I was using).

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