Orbit - cursor switches to Orbit unbidden

I had a problem just develop where anytime I open a SketchUp model my cursor icon soon switches to Orbit all by itself. I am typically working in Parallel Projection-Top View as I bring my 2-D SketchUp models into Layout for completing my drawings. It regularly switches over from Select but I’ve also had it switch over when I am using the Eraser tool. I tried switching from Parallel Projection to Perspective and that seemed to help initially but it still freaks out. I’ve just upgraded to 2021 and the problem persists. I’ve also tried opening several different drawings created at different times – same problem.

Any help would be appreciated.

Ferris House - South Elevation.skp (119.7 KB)

Is it possible you are pressing the center mouse button? That would activate the Orbit tool. Is it actually orbiting or just switching to an ISO view?

Is there a reason you are making a 2D elevation in a 3D modeling program and have the elevation laying down on the ground plane?

Thanks for your reply. Turns out my mouse needed to be replaced – normal scrolling was being sometimes recognized as a click. I switched mouses and the problem went away. So used to the steady stream of bugs dished out by SketchUp (my favorite program, otherwise) that I assumed this was a bug and not a mechanical issue.

In answer to the elevation question, I had originally been working in a much larger file burdened with imported CAD data and thought it might be an issue of file size or the DWG import. So I had just quickly imported that elevation into a file on the flat so I could see if it behaved differently.

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I used to wear out about one of those wired $10 Logitech wheel mouses a year, and the wheel button was usually the first thing to break. Either I have become lazier or the newer generation wireless mouses last longer but lately I haven’t had to trash them at the original rate.