Need to change the paint all command off the shift key

The paint bucket has a paint all colors the same as the selected and it’s on the shift key the same shift key I use to move around the drawing I have on more the one occasion painted the inside of my walls wood can I move this command to some other key that isn’t used so often

Do you mean that you often are doing a pan, then click with the paint bucket before releasing the shift key? Modifier keys are different to shortcut keys, I don’t think there is a way to change them. You could use H to go in and out of Pan, rather than middle mouse button and Shift.

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The Paint Bucket has to be activated for this to happen.

One way to get the inside (backfaces) of the walls painted accidentally, is if you paint the wall (or any) component without opening it to edit. You may not notice this at first if your walls are already painted on the front face. It has happened to me, and the first few times it took a while to figure out what I was doing to cause this.

Yet some other hiccup may be involved here. When I use a command that has the option key in it, sometimes this “option” selection lingers when making the next operation such as move or push-pull. Doesn’t seem right.

I managed to do what you might be describing! With paint bucket selected orbiting and panning using the middle button + shift, Pan… then paint and all the faces get painted! (but this won’t paint the back faces, where you are painting a front face).

Thank You for responding I’ll give your suggestions a try