Paint bucket sampling tool

A recent update seems to have changed how the Paint Bucket tool works. Can anyone verify if you changed for you too? Before, when I was painting I selected the Paint Bucket tool, then if I want to sample, I press and hold the Alt key and it turns to the eyedropper. I would let up and it would auto change back to painting. Now it seems you have to let up on the Alt key and then either hit the Alt key again or shortcut “B” key to reengage the painting.

It would be a good idea to read through the Release Notes for SketchUp 2021.1.

The Sample thing with Alt is now a toggle thing.

Also watch this video:

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Thanks. I didn’t expect this mid cycle release to change the tools as much as they did. It looks like the press and hold for ALT still keeps sampling and then reverts to painting though. “However, the Sample modifier still switches back to the Paint Bucket tool after one use.” I must be pressing the ALT key so fast it thinks it’s a key stroke and that’s why it was staying on sample. I’ll have to watch that.