My select tool won't make a box any longer so I can select multiple entities


My Select tool won’t box highlight any longer. For some reason it just stopped working. I really would appreciate it if someone can tell me how to fix this feature. I use it constantly! I usually press down on mouse button and drag a box around an object or entities and select them. I can still select objects but the box is invisible


In the few cases where I’ve seen this before, it had to do with the graphics card. Trying going to Window>Preferences>OpenGL and untick Use Hardware Acceleration. Then close the window and see what you get. You might need to quit SketchUp and restart for the change to affect.

By the way, selection boxes aren’t the only way to make multiple selections. You can hold Ctrl or Shift and add to a selection set.


Thank you extremely much Dave for responding to problem. I’m going to try that immediately.


Yahooooo This has been bugging me for many days Dave! Finally with your help, it went away. I appreciate your time.
Once you get used to using a tool a certain way and having it suddenly disappear throws a monkey wrench in your work.
Sincere Regards Sal


I’m happy to know that helped. The curious might ask why did that change recently. Did you change the hardware acceleration setting recently? Or perhaps a new video driver version got installed?

Happy sketching.


I think it was when I installed the Sketchup 15 upgrade. I thought it was and easy no cost update. I installed it and I think that is when it changed. I do need to upgrade my graphics card. Actually I had this computer for about 4 years and should look into getting a new computer soon. I do have 16 gigs of ram but lately I think I’m over taxing it a bit.
I’m more of a tool/ mold maker than a designer. I know how everything works in the steel world but are certainly lacking on my designing skills :slight_smile: n Dave have a wonderful weekend and thank you so much. GOOD JOB !
Regards Sal


Was your SU15 upgrade from an older version or just an updated SU2015 version. If you were upgrading from an earlier version, keep in mind that it’s really a whole new installation. the older version does not get replaced. As such, there are a number of things you have to do with the new version. Most are obvious like setting up toolbars and installing plugins, custom styles and materials. Some are less obvious like making the needed OpenGL settings. On the bright side, when you install SU2016, you’ll remember to make that adjustment. :smiley:

You would have probably enjoyed chatting with my father. He was in charge of QA at a die casting plant for many years.

You have a great weekend, too.



An update of driver may be enough, SU15 is a bit more demanding.


So you are familiar with tool makers then my friend. Yes I certainly would get along just fine with your Pop’s
Regards Sal


Yes. An exacting bunch.

Sadly my pop passed a few years ago.