Selection tool "bugs"?


I am having issues with my SU2015Make selection tool. When I attempt to use the selection tool to “highlight” to delete an object, I do not see the typical dotted lines associated with either the “top left to bottom right (all inclusive)” or the 'bottom right to top left (anything touching)" function… Any ideas? Re-install?


Are you talking about the “selection box” method?

The issue can be caused by the graphics card driver. Try installing the newest graphic card driver.


Side note: It’s enough to say “right to left” and “left to right” since top and bottom don’t play a role for the selection.


Lately AMD cards have been deficient in the required OpenGL support which SU needs. But keep it updated and hope for the best. And as you are on a laptop, be sure that you are using the video card instead of integrated graphics to work with SU. Check your graphic card control settings.


Yes, the selection box!


Thank you for that information…just trying to be as clear as possible…I appreciate it,
besides critique of the description, any insight in the issue?


It wasn’t meant as critique but as an additional info for those who don’t know this difference.

I think your problem was already solved 2 times, did you try the suggested steps?


Working on it now…


Just upgraded my graphics driver and it seems to have solved the issue, Thanks “guys” I appreciate you all