How to hide all lines?

Just for fun i’m making a model, however I cannot see anyway of selecting all lines to for example colour or hide.

to clarify if i make a cube, how would i made the lines on the edges the same colour as the faces or simply hide them all? without going through and clicking each idividual one (though i can’t even see where you can colour a line), which in this example would be 12 lines, 12x right click and hide is all i can see at the moment. Surely there must be an easeir way.

is there a plugin that adds “all connected lines” to the select options?

You don’t need any plugins for this.

Edit the style and untick the boxes for Edges and Profiles.

You can paint edges with colors or materials and edit the style to show edges by material, too.

If those solutions are not enough, you can use Thomthoms SelectionToys to reduce a selection to only the edges…

You can also do that by going View/Wireframe.


To add clarification / workflow to Box’s suggestion…

  1. View/Wireframe
  2. Select linework edges
  3. Return back to original View style
    —> The edges should be the only items selected
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Thanks for your help everyone!

and how can you do this in sketchup web (free)?

Do what? Edit the style to change the edge color? As I recall there aren’t any settings for editing the style in the SketchUp Free. It can be done in SketchUp Shop, though.

I meant hiding the edge lines as you pointed out with editing styles.

As I wrote, there are any options for editing the style with SketchUp Free. You can hide the edges, though, by selecting them, then context clicking on one and choosing Hide or going over them with the Eraser tool while holding Shift.

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thank you! wouldn’t have found that myself.

You’re quite welcome.

Just as a point of information, you should keep an eye on the bottom left information bar when you select tools. It will tell you what the tool can do with the modifier keys.
Screenshot - 7_28_2020 , 6_41_48 AM

You can also click on the magnifying glass icon and search for things and get a bunch of information and tools.
Screenshot - 7_28_2020 , 6_42_08 AM

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I love this tip! Works wonders for me!