How can I delete (make dissappear) the edge lines of objects and letters

Is it possible to delete (make dissappear) the lines of the objects and letters? Thank you

No, you cannot delete the edges because they are needed to support the faces.
But you can hide them, or soften/smooth them depending on how you want the endresult to look…

Thank you so much I prefer to hide them could you say how can I do it?

select the eraser and you will see the various options on the bottom of the screen…
Shift is the toggle for Hide…
As the matter of fact a lot of tools have modifiers displayed on the bottom of the screen…

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I will thank you so much.

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Done ! Thank for everything

If you want to save time, instead of hiding the edges one by one, try this:

1 - Double click on a face to select it and all of its perimeter (the perimeter is the edges that you want to hide);

2 - Press and hold the SHIFT key to be able to add or subtract from the selection;

3 - While still pressing the SHIFT key, click once on the face to deselect it. Only the perimeter remains selected;

4 - Right click on any edges on the perimeter to open a contextual menu;

5 - Select Hide in this menu.


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Thank you so much for this answer jean_lemire_1

If you want to suppress the visibility of all edges (not just those along the top faces), you could set the Face Style on the View menu to Wireframe, then select all (or drag-select across everything) and then right-click on any edge and select Soften (or Hide, though that runs the rest of being inadvertently un-done iv you temporarily hide something else and then use Unhide All in the same context).

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Use a standard style setting. Select ‘No line’ or ‘No line with textures’ – see attached

I am using free(web) version of Sketchup…And I couldnt find the settings.

That’s an image from the desktop version, you won’t get something like that in the free web version. You don’t have the option to actually use the style tray to edit the style in the free version, you get that if you upgrade to Go.
However, the top icon on the left toolbar is a search function and will find many options for you, start typing and it will show you what is available.