Hide edges in model

I was wondering what method to use to hide the edges?

Try using “Drawingelement.hidden=” method for your edges (i.e., “edge.hidden = true”).

@ecw, try to use ERASER+CTRL (hold) and select the lines you want to hide. Sir @Geo teach me this, thanks to him.

also try my own way, click the lines you want to hide and right click then select hide or soften.


Hi, Its shift to hide .and ctrl to soften an edge.



Hi @SketchupKage01

Phil is correct, my mistake.
It seems my fingers can remember the right key, but my mind cannot.

Thanks I’ll try this.

If I am creating the faces like this:

face = group.entities.add_face pts

How can I grab those edges.
As in, what do I make edge = ?

I tried this:

        face = group.entities.add_face pts
        edge = group.entities.add_line pts

        status = edge.hidden = true

But it did not work

Found it! Thanks for the help!

Because the OP didn’t actually tell us how he did it…
Here’s a way…

face = group.entities.add_face(pts)
group.entities.grep(Sketchup::Edge).each{|e| e.hidden=true }

This adds the face to the group and then hides all edges inside the group.