Hide Edges by Group


Just wondering if anyone knows of a plugin or option to ‘hide edges by group’? Almost thinking like a visibility toggle.

*Note: I don’t want to use the ‘soften edges’ slider

Currently my fastest method is to open a group > select all geometry > right-click ‘select only’ ‘edges’ (I think this is ‘Selection Toys’ plugin) > right-click ‘hide’. (Or similarly could use ‘Wireframe’ view to select only edges and hide)

This is pretty fast and simple in itself, but if using on nested groups can be a little slow. Thinking it would be nice to have a toggle or right-click option to quickly set this for a group.

Thanks for any help.


Why not use layers? In fact, selective visibility is about all that layers do in SketchUp. Do the selection as you describe and then assign them to a layer. Then you toggle their visibility on an off with the layer.


Noooooooooooo… then you’ll have edges and faces on different layers, a sure road to insanity.


Ya I can’t do that either. Always Edges and Faces are on ‘Layer 0’ so as to avoid modeling problems. Like Box mentioned that can get messy really quick on heavy scenes. Thanks for the suggestion though.


Here you go, Fredo’s Hide all edges will hide edges in a selection.


Thanks, I’ll give that a try!


Very Cool, works great!