Plugin to hide edge of a component/group

Quick question. Is there a plugin out there who can hide all edges in one or multiple component/group and and all their sub component/group… all at once? I know AMS Soften Edge works to soften edges but no just to simply hide them. Thx

you can turn ‘all’ edges ‘off’ in the view menu…


Thanks John for the reply but I know that. I don’t want all them off, just some.
I was meaning “all at once” in the component/group or multiple selected component/group. Not the all model.

I don’t know of an extension that does specifically that, though you could search. More likely on SketchUcation than on the EW just because there is a greater number of “simple” extensions there. It would not be hard to code though, really only a small amount of Ruby.

Try this:

Freo6’s Hide All Edges or better, install it with the Sketchucation Extension Store tool.


That’s it Dave. Thanks a lot. I saw this plugin on the warehouse but I thought it’s only for the all model. I just saw that it can be apply only on selection. Exactly what I was looking for.

I’m in my crazy Friday rush with not much time to struggle, and you guys really help me out with this. Thx a lot. Have a good weekend.

Let’s try Curic Deep Select

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Wow! that’s a cool plugin. Thanks a lot voquochai.