Delete all faces of a model

Hi everyone.

Does anyone know any plugin to delete all faces of a particular group selection?

Or does anyone know any technique to leave only a few specific objects/components in Wireframe?

Tks very much !

The following would work for non-grouped meshes or meshes that are inside 1 group only:

  • Turn off edges

  • Select All with Ctrl+A

  • Delete

  • Bring back edges


Tks for the time.

Is there any way or shortcut to select all the edges of a group with only one-click?

Erm… I did a quick search in the Extension Warehouse for you and there’s CLF Select Outer Edges by Chris Fullmer and Selection Toys by ThomThom. I haven’t used them personally, but I hear they’re great, as are all their plugins.

Without a plugin, I presume my workflow would still work. You’d want to

  • Shift to Wireframe mode
  • Ctrl+A to select ungrouped geometry
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CLF Select Outer Edges doesn’t find all edges but only the naked edges of the mesh (those connected to just one face). Selection toys could be useful though.

However, what I would recommend the most is to do exactly what Vahé said in the first response.

  • Untick View > Edge Style > Edges
  • Press Ctrl+A (note that this selects all visible geometry but not the edges since these are hidden)
  • Press delete
  • Tick View > Edge Styles > Edges

Allowing to perform composed tasks like this with one click or one key press isn’t an option - there just isn’t enough space on the screen or enogh keys on the keyboards for all combinations of actions people would want to use. However you could add a custom shortcut to toggle edge display, e.g. Shift+k, and then perform these taks only using shortcuts to speed it up. To add a shortcut, go to Preferences > Shortcuts.


Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. I tried all the suggested ways and the one that suited me best was the thomthom plugin, this guy is a genius.

Thank you very much.