Hide Shape Lines (For Web)

Is there a way to hide lines so that if export to PNG, I don’t see them? I have read a post about unticking “Edges” under Styles, but I’m not sure if I’m seeing that option for the free Web SU. I may be stuck until I upgrade.

The free web version doesn’t offer options to edit styles. You could upgrade to Shop which does or use a desktop version.

I don’t think you are understanding the basics of the software. You should look again at the Campus courses.

Maybe you are looking to turn off edges by toggling off their visibility off through the slider (see screenshot):

Use the magnifying glass icon to search e (for edges etc.)

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I’m doing courses right now and hadn’t come across that–yet. Was stuck, but g.h.hubers (below) gave me a specific answer that worked.

I think that’s it. Thanks!