Lessening linework in exports from SketchUp Web version

I have several scenes set up in SketchUp for Web and I have been able to export fine. But in every export, the (black) lines of the model work really stand out and it would be nice to lessen that so it looks more realistic and not as cartoonish. Is there a way to do that? For reference, I tried the “shaded with textures” style setting but the lines still dominate. Help!

You could hide the edges so they won’t show.

How are you using the images after exporting them?

Thanks for your fast reply! Where is the hide edges in the free Sketchup web version?
The thought is to bring in Photoshop for quick work for making things like windows look better… But I am also thinking I want to try exporting to some other free software to render them as realistically as possible. I am thinking of trying Blender?

Same as in the other versions of SketchUp. You can use the Eraser tool after pressing Shift to hide the edges or you can select the edges, right click on them, and choose Hide.

I presume since you are using SketchUp Free you are doing this as a hobby for your own entertainment. Even so, you would have much more capability with SketchUp Pro. You would have control over the style SketchUp uses and you could use a variety of rendering applications like Vray for the realistic images. No need to hide the edges since they aren’t normally displayed in renders anyway.

yah - since it is just me, I am trying to do this cheap and Sketchup Pro costs $$$

So are you saying i have to click on each element with the eraser tool/shift command to make edges hide? I guess I am not clear on how to only select an edge?

thanks again for your help!

If you are using the Eraser tool to hide the edges, you have to click on each edge you want to hide.

Maybe before you go to the trouble of hiding the edges, try the rendering in Blender. Maybe you don’t have to. Since you say this is your hobby, don’t make it more complex or more work than it needs to be.

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